Nine Tas

I recently heard a recording of the premiere performance of Nine Tas by the Austin New Music Co-op and thought I’d share it here. The singers are Ashley Gaar, Kathy Hatch, Wendi Olinger and Brandon Young


Nine Tas

The rest of the concert is knockout good. Let’s hope the Co-op makes it available soon.

DC to Get Bike Sharing Program

…Thanks Daddy Clear Channel!

The NYTimes is reporting a new bicycle sharing program for Washington, D.C. The kicker?…it’s supported by a deal with Clear Channel which provides exclusive access to bus shelter advertising. So if you’re biking in D.C. try not to get so distracted by the bus shelter ads that you put yourself in danger.

Flight path finder

Here’s my latest web 2.0-a-riffic, GoogleMaps, GPS, mashup thingamabob idea: a website that allows users to view common flightpaths for a particular location and evaluates the location based on frequency of flyovers and noise level. Would be a great tool for noise-sensitive home buyers. Or for flyover collectors, plane spotters, etc.


Thanks to good weather and childcare (and a job away from my house, of course!) I finally got back to commuting by bike. Friday I rode the 10+ miles each way. It was a bit much for the first time back in the saddle, but a great ride overall. Most of the route is on the Hudson River hike and bike trail, squeezed between the Hudson River (imagine that) and I-787 (who put that highway there!?). As long as I rode with my face to the river and went fast enough for the wind in my ears to drown out the noise of the highway…it was blissful. Looking forward to riding it again.

Max 5 Release Date Announced

From the Cycling ’74 Users Forum: “This new version will be available as a download on April 22nd, with packaged versions available shortly thereafter. Compatible versions of MSP and Jitter will be released at the same time.”

max 5 screenshot

Exciting stuff. I’ve got a few shows right around that time, so I’ll probably wait a week or two before upgrading. But I’m looking forward to digging in to a new version!

The Universal Instrument: New Music for Voice

The Universal Instrument

The Austin New Music Co-op is presenting a concert of new music for voice on Saturday, April 12 in Austin TX. The concert will feature music by Chris Cuellar, Brent Fariss, Holland Hopson, Keith Manlove, Josh Ronsen and Travis Weller performed by vocalists Ashley Gaar, Kathy Hatch, Deena Hyatt, Wendi Olinger, Anton Boyd, Brandon Young and Kevin Adickes.

The ensemble will be premiering my vocal quartet, Nine Tas (Download the score). I unfortunately won’t be in attendance.

NMC is presenting a number of related events beginning with an open rehearsal tonight, a radio broadcast tomorrow and a pre-concert talk on the 12th. More information about the concert and all the extras.