Yard TV

Watching The Grass Grow

Forget Home and Garden and just give me the Yard. Yard TV broadcasts an unending expanse of green. Sit back and watch the grass grow from the comfort of your living room 24 hours a day. There’s always plenty of sun and never a sunburn; always plenty of rain, but you never get wet. Yard TV. All of the fun, none of the allergens.

Universal Instrument Videos

Here are some videos from the Austin New Music Co-op‘s recent Universal Instrument concert. The Behind the Scenes segment is especially nice.

Austin New Music Co-op: Six Bagatelles

Austin New Music Co-op: Behind the Scenes

Austin New Music Co-op: The Becoming Machine IV

Flight path finder

Here’s my latest web 2.0-a-riffic, GoogleMaps, GPS, mashup thingamabob idea: a website that allows users to view common flightpaths for a particular location and evaluates the location based on frequency of flyovers and noise level. Would be a great tool for noise-sensitive home buyers. Or for flyover collectors, plane spotters, etc.