Hardware Store Music Hacks: A Semi-functional Dulcimer Capo

Looking for a cheap and easy dulcimer capo I tried this combination of small clamp covered in a bit of vinyl hose (thank you, home brew!). It mostly works…until I play too hard and the clamp just doesn’t have enough tension to hang on.

Today’s Fun: Diddley Bows

Inspired by Mike Orr’s Handmade Music Factory book I grabbed some scrap wood and empty soup cans and hacked together three diddley bows. They sound a bit like a berimbau crossed with a one-string Resophonic guitar. I’ll post some sounds once I find my way around the instruments. I’ll likely add guitar pickups or contact mics, too.

Cigar Box Guitar


Had a great time building a cigar box guitar under the direction of John Nickel at Nickel Cigar Box Guitar.

Here’s a detail of the piezo pickup that we installed in the cigar box. The small block of wood on the left is later glued to cover the piezo element.