Fencepost vs. Fencepost



One is a refreshing pale ale from Back Forty Beer Co. with a modest alcohol content and an American hop profile: a touch of pine. The other is a wintry meditation on mortality from Post & Beam with an intoxicating Pythagorean minor third: slightly lower than equal tempered. Both are Alabama natives wistfully recalling a vanishing rural past.

This fall when I plow the fields under I’ll be thinking only of you.


Backlit Homebrew

It’s been a while since I’ve brewed some beer, but I finally mashed some together last week. “Mashed” isn’t quite the right word, since I chose to brew an all malt-extract K├Âlsch. An easy, tasty brew–perfect for getting back into the brewing world. Here it is in the natural habitat of so many homebrews: the basement laundry room.

Backlit Homebrew