Backlit Homebrew

It’s been a while since I’ve brewed some beer, but I finally mashed some together last week. “Mashed” isn’t quite the right word, since I chose to brew an all malt-extract K├Âlsch. An easy, tasty brew–perfect for getting back into the brewing world. Here it is in the natural habitat of so many homebrews: the basement laundry room.

Backlit Homebrew

Chez Stadium

Fine food for your sporting venue.

Sick of eating bland, boiled hotdogs at the game? Then washing it down with watery beer? Chez Stadium sets out to make stadium food as exciting as the game. From gourmet sausages on fresh-baked sourdough buns to peanuts tossed with our special herb and spice blends. We serve our nachos with fresh salsa and actual cheese (no plastic!). Chez Stadium updates all your favorite sporting foods, including a wide selection of local and craft-brewed beer. Watching the game has never tasted so good! Chez Stadium: the Babette’s Feast of Baseball.

[Of course, when this really gets going we’ll have to wrest the name from this promising artist: Chez Stadium. Or maybe we’ll work ouut some synergistic theme-song deal…]

[[Oh, and let’s go Mets!]]

[[[Is it even baseball season right now?]]]