Matmos at Amiestreet

At the risk of becoming a shill for, I feel compelled to mention that Matmos has added most of their catalogue to the site. And the recordings are still at bargain prices. Yesterday I picked up three of their records I didn’t already own and the total price was under $7.00. Their Quasi-Objects CD (a fave of mine, but maybe the least popular in the Matmos canon?) is currently available for $0.30. The Civil War CD (gorgeous, bizarre music) is selling for under $2.00. Hurry– uses a popularity pricing system, so the more people buying the music, the higher the price.

Has any other movie generated more band names than Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy? (It inspired my wife to name our compost pile Matmos. I’m sure the band would be pleased, as would Jane Fonda.)