I’m pleased to be a (small) part of the most recent round of 60×60 events presented by Vox Novus. 60×60 is an hour-long concert featuring 60 1-minute pieces by 60 different composers. This year there are 6 different 60×60 concerts, totaling 360 pieces. Here’s what 60×60 director Robert Voisey says about the events:

“This is an event like no other event you have been to before. Every minute there is a new piece. 60×60 represents a diverse cross-section of music with different styles and aesthetics.  I can pretty much guarantee that you will love one of the pieces, it is a pretty good bet you will not like one of the pieces; regardless of whether you like or dislike the work in 60 seconds you will hear a new piece.”

There have been about a dozen events already including 60×60 Dance – “Order of Magnitude Mix” that happened this weekend at McGill University. Many others are upcoming, such as the presentations associated with ICMC 2010 at the Electronic Music Foundation Creative Resource Center (today and tomorrow, June 2 and 3) and Stony Brook University (June 3-5). Here’s a list of all six 60×60 mixes and every composer represented.


I’ll be playing soprano sax in another telematic performance on Thursday August 28 @ 2:00pm. This one is part of the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It’s an improvisation called Tele-Morphosis directed by Pauline Oliveros that features performers from Stanford, CA; Troy, NY; and Belfast, Northern Ireland all connected together in real-time. I haven’t seen any info re: streaming of the performance, but if I do I’ll certainly post a link.