Cage/Gould, a music circus

Cage/Gould, a music circus from Michael Century on Vimeo.

I’m so happy to share the gorgeous documentation of this event. Along with Cage’s Inlets, Bacchanale and Litany for the Whale, there’s some Gibbons, Bach and Gould. Interspersed through the second part are on-the-fly virtual conversations between Cage and Gould.

Mouthpiece Mashup Mark 2

20140503-172118.jpgHere’s the second-generation prototype of a soprano sax / trumpet mouthpiece hybrid. This was printed on a Makerbot Replicator 2X. I modeled the soprano sax mouthpiece base and appended the geometry of a Bach 1-1/2C trumpet mouthpiece found on Thingiverse. The trumpet cup is a bit roomier than the previous prototype; I think I’ll try a trombone-sized cup next. Here’s the STL file so you can download, modify and print your own.

Whenever I try this mouthpiece on my horn my son yells at me to “Stop that horrible noise!” So it must be working…