Back into Lilypond with Elysium

I’ve recently returned to working on scores with Lilypond thanks to the Elysium IDE for Eclipse. Development on Lilypondtool for JEdit stopped more than a year ago and it definitely cramped my style to go back to a simple text editor. I even resorted to MuseScore for a recent project thinking that my needs were simple enough to be met by the program. (Maybe “resorted to” is too strong a term–I love the idea behind MuseScore, I want to support MuseScore, I want others to support it, too.) And MuseScore mostly pulled-through for me, but working with it made me miss Lilypond even more.

So I searched for a Lilypondtool replacement and found Elysium. The installation with Eclipse was straightforward and Elysium is working well for me. I find Eclipse to be harder to get around in than JEdit. It’s likely a much more powerful application, so one day I may be thankful for the time spent getting it running, but for now it feels like overkill for my needs.