Indigo Milky

I bought a field guide to mushrooms this week. I found a mushroom while cutting the grass and picked it up to see if I’d have any luck identifying it. When I turned it over I noticed it had a deep blue color. After a little searching in the guide and my first spore print, I was fairly certain I’d found an Indigo Milky (Lactarius indigo). I felt pretty good about my new-found mushroom expertise until I read, “Indigo is a unusual color for mushrooms, and so this milky is quite easy to identify.”

Back into Lilypond with Elysium

I’ve recently returned to working on scores with Lilypond thanks to the Elysium IDE for Eclipse. Development on Lilypondtool for JEdit stopped more than a year ago and it definitely cramped my style to go back to a simple text editor. I even resorted to MuseScore for a recent project thinking that my needs were simple enough to be met by the program. (Maybe “resorted to” is too strong a term–I love the idea behind MuseScore, I want to support MuseScore, I want others to support it, too.) And MuseScore mostly pulled-through for me, but working with it made me miss Lilypond even more.

So I searched for a Lilypondtool replacement and found Elysium. The installation with Eclipse was straightforward and Elysium is working well for me. I find Eclipse to be harder to get around in than JEdit. It’s likely a much more powerful application, so one day I may be thankful for the time spent getting it running, but for now it feels like overkill for my needs.