Art as Message

A single-channel video version of my piece A Work of Art for Every Entry in Index—Subjects—Library of Congress is included in the Art as Message exhibit at the Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA) in Gimpo, Korea. The exhibit runs October 7-25.

Other artists featured in the exhibit include Stephen Althouse, Beast, Lauren Bickerdike, Andrea Chinese, Goya Choi, Kt coleman, Dirk Fleischmann, Gregory Grano, Sam HEYDT, Taeho Hong, Holland Hopson, Abdo Julani , kim hayung, Deandra Lee, Daniela Marx, HyeSung Moon, Joohyun Park, Thomas Pickarski, R. Prost, Deborah Sfez, Kim Turru, Mark Wittig, Yeiji Won, Huidi Xiang, Unyon Yang, Jaesik Yoo, Ihsu Yoon, Hyeoung Nae In.

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