Pork Pie Hat

A Bacon-themed Restaurant

Who doesn’t love bacon? (OK, except for vegetarians and those keeping kosher…) So how about a restaurant where every dish has bacon in it? Pork Pie Hat will serve the usual bacon-laced goodness for appetizers (bacon wrapped scallops), salads (spinach salad), sandwiches (BLT) and entrees (coq au vin); along with unusual bacon offerings such as desserts (apple pie with a woven bacon crust, bacon crrme brulee) and cocktails (the bacon-tini, or course!) Other popular dishes include a tasting platter of artisanal bacon varieties, bacon and melon, battered bacon rings, chocolate covered bacon bits (bacon-nets)…the list goes on. Diners may be asked to present a note from their physician or else sign a waiver before ordering.