Hardware Store Music Hacks: A Semi-functional Dulcimer Capo

Looking for a cheap and easy dulcimer capo I tried this combination of small clamp covered in a bit of vinyl hose (thank you, home brew!). It mostly works…until I play too hard and the clamp just doesn’t have enough tension to hang on.

The Wayback Machine brings us Hunting & Gathering via YOURfLESh

James Keepnews unearthed this January 2003 review of Hunting and Gathering (our duo recording) written by Peter Aaron and published in YOURfLESh. Aaron writes,

…an undeniable abundance of tracks here that feature truly stellar interplay, as well as inspired improvisation; see the stuttering duet, “Border Incident.” Full of distant, creepy sounds and scattered moments of close, guitar-sax discourse, Hunting and Gathering is an enjoyable mash of breath and circuitry.