PLAY – New and Improved Improv on Saturday

Thollem McDonas, photo: Peter Gannushkin

LaDonna Smith has organized another jam-packed evening of improvised music with a host of special guests, featuring pianist Thollem McDonas.

Saturday, September 22 7:30pm
PLAY – New and Improved Improv
Homewood Community Center – CDF
1715 27th Court South
Homewood AL
$10/$5 students (sliding scale) kids free

Thollem will perform solo and with Stella Nystrom, dance; Davey Williams, guitar; Craig Hultgren, cello; Andrew DeWar, saxophone. Also on the bill are Hunter Bell, Si Reasoning, myself and LaDonna Smith. Dianne McNaron will preview her upcoming Marlene Dietrich retrospective and Caroline Karson will play Chopin. Come early and stay late, there’ll be lots to take in.

Goodbye Southern Harmony

I’m so sad to hear about William Duckworth’s death. Kyle Gann has written an exceptionally poignant tribute. I first heard Duckworth’s music in the mid-1990s and have been coming back to his pieces regularly, especially his choral work Southern Harmony. Someone (Kyle? Neil Rolnick?) once told me about a connection to appalachian banjo in Bill’s works, particularly the Time Curve Preludes. The more I listen to Duckworth and play the banjo, the more I think I can hear the relationships. Maybe an arrangement of one of the preludes for banjo is in order?