Music: The Brand

Thinking recently that the RIAA could benefit from a music industry slogan–the musical equivalent of “Got Milk” or “The Other White Meat” (fatback, if you had to ask…). My top suggestion was inspired by the warmer weather that has brought the ice-cream trucks out trawling for sweaty dollars clutched in pudgy toddler fingers.

Photo and Sticker by *USB*

Photo and Sticker by *USB*

Music: Because Ice Cream Won’t Just Sell Itself

Awards Abound

Just read on NewMusicBox about awards to some (now even more) distinguished colleagues. Congratulations to Erik Carlson, John King and Pauline Oliveros.

Erik Carlson – Area C – has recently received a MacColl Johnson Fellowship from The Rhode Island Foundation.

John King is the recipient of an Alpert Award.

And finally, Columbia University School of the Arts is presenting Pauline Oliveros the William Schuman Award.

Yes, it’s been awhile since I caught up with NewMusicBox, but this still seems like an awards bonanza. A kind of alternate universe Grammys.